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8Dweb THIRD NOTICE - Retiring + Video Help for Plesk Premium Email

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GOPOST.BIZ Has Served us well for a LONG Time...
BUT, this server is really feeling its age... the time to Migrate is NOW! and customers will be required to migrate their email as soon as possible.
  • Due to ongoing stability and maintenance issues along with other factors over the past 18 months, we have made the decision to discontinue utilizing or supporting SmarterMail as the mail system related to our CMSdefender and SentryServer platforms.
  • We have replaced with the Plesk Premium Email free edition.
  • It is now imperative that you begin migrations no later than July 7, 2020.
I am a CMSdefender Customer, What do I need to do?
  • 8Dweb will setup Plesk Premium Email (Free Version) on your CMSdefender domain.
  • Open a ticket to with your Email Domain and then follow these directions:
    • Create and Migrate all email from to your CMSdefender account or to your organization's SentryServer as soon as possible.
      • The 8Dweb team will be available to lend assistance, however, each organization will be required to generally handle creation of email boxes and mail migration.
    • You may also consider purchasing more premium email solutions from 8Dweb including
      • Plesk Premium Email Paid Version - Full Collaborative Email with Personal/Shared File storage, Shared Calendars, Shared Email, Shared Notes, and Shared Tasks and in-place editing of Office Documents - $3.75/user/month
        • You may start with the free version and upgrade to the Premium at any time without migrations - the new features are simply turned on for your domain.
        • Paid Version includes: Seafile Storage (think Dropbox); Collabora Office for online document editing; Mattermost Live Chat for team integration.
      • Gsuite (google) - 8Dweb will setup Gmail for your account, and your team can then setup users and migrate email to the Gsuite platform. - Starts at $6/user/month (most basic package) (up to $25/user/month) - you may simply order Gsuite in our portal at:
      • Microsoft365 formerly called Office365/ - 8Dweb will setup for your account and your team can then setup users and migrate email to the platform. - Starts at $5/user/month (most basic package) (up to $20/user/month)
        • Contact us if you are interested in Microsoft365
SentryServer Customers:
  • You have the same requirements as our CMSdefender customers:
    • You will need to migrate your email from to your own SentryServer running the Free version of Plesk Premium Email
  • You will the same options as our CMSdefender customers as noted above.
    • This will allow you to manage all email for your customers directly on your SentryServer
    • The Same Premium email solutions are available for your organization as noted above for CMSdefender Customers

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