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8Dweb URGENT Announcement: Final Website Migrations away from Plesk20 to 8D Enhance CMSdefender Hosting Cluster

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8Dweb will be migrating the remaining Plesk20 WordPress sites to our new Enhance Cluster ( during the month of December. This migration is non-negotiable at this stage.


The WHY:

Due to several issues,

#1 - Stability Problems: The foremost reason is that we were experiencing problems with the Plesk 20 and Plesk 40 CMSdefender Wordpress servers. This issues varied from website performance, mysterious website outages and email delivery issues.

#2 - Site & Customer Security: We are also in the process of switching all new and future CMSdefender Joomla and CMSdefender Wordpress customers to our new Enhance Hosting Cluster. This is a robust multi-data center hosting platform that is more stable and more secure, creating full isolation of each customer subscription.

#3 - Plesk Pricing Increases: Lastly, recent year-over-year increases to costs for hosting companies to utilize Plesk Control Panel now require us to utilize a platform that is both easier to manage and has a responsible pricing model for web hosts to maintain.

How this Affect Me / What Must I Do?

  • If you manage your own DNS or You have your domain registered through some other registrar, You will need to contact our support team at or go to and open a ticket so we may help you setup the proper name servers at your registrar.

  • If you use Plesk to handle Email accounts on Plesk20, you will need to contact our team at
    • Email on Enhance utilizes the same RoundCube Webmail.

    • The current and that you utilize for incoming and outgoing email settings on your devices and computer(s) will need to be changed after the migration has taken place. The new setting will be mail.yourdomain (example: if was your domain)

    • Further, the implementation of RoundCube on Enhance is currently a more rudimentary version of Roundcube.
      • Roundcube on Enhance only allows you to manually import contacts you may have stored in your current webmail on Plesk20.
      • 8Dweb will need to provide you with specific directions for those contacts to be manually migrated. This migration will need to be accomplished by your personnel.
      • Roundcube and the basic mail system is continually being refined and updated, so any differences in the webmail interface (i.e. lack of filters in Roundcube on Enhance) will be addressed in the coming months.
      • In mid 2024, Enhance will begin offering SOGO Email which is a far more robust professional email system with full groupware (contacts, calendar, scheduling), and the best part is that there will be no increase in costs to utilize that platform once it releases.


  • We expect the migrations of remaining sites, which includes your site(s) to begin the week of December 4th, 2023.
  • 8Dweb is currently awaiting further vendor updates to Enhance Hosting Panel to facilitate the process of the final migrations. We had some very significant issues with our initial migrations of the customers on Plesk40 and the first 70-80% of customers on Plesk20 Wordpress hosting servers. This caused us to halt the migrations and to work with our design partners after several mistakes were made on the part of 8Dweb related to locations of email accounts used for webforms and other website activities.

  • You will be individually notified PRIOR to any migration of your site(s) by Matt Sine, our general manager who will be personally overseeing this process.

  • After you have been contacted and after your site is migrated, it will be important for you and/or your web-designer to carefully inspect the site to make sure everything, including content, email addresses, any special features such as webforms or e-commerce site(s) have been properly migrated. You may open a support ticket at any time if a problem arises. 

  • Once your site is migrated and DNS is updated, we will manually update the 8Dweb Portal to properly connect to your site(s) running on the new Enhance Control Panel. After the migration and 8Dweb Portal updates, you will need to either log directly into the Enhance Panel at or login into our customer Portal, select your website hosting product and log into Enhance from there in order to manage FTP, email users and other hosting aspects.


- Matthew J. Sine, General Manger - 8Dweb LLC

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