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8Dweb IAD3 Outage Report-10-27-2023

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8Dweb experienced a severe and unannounced network outage at our IAD3 Data Center. This was due to a mismanaged core route update/upgrade by an upline vendor. This was outside our networks, but the outage affected all services, both Public IP connectivity as well as inter-data center VLANS.  The Main 8Dweb site, as well as the help site were offline. The 8Dweb Status site remained online.


Since our email is hosted at and our Status site was in another data center those remained online.

We will be awaiting a further report from our IP Connectivity Vendor. 

We will also be working on some more extensive load-balancing (Utilizing Cloudflare) of our primary 8Dweb site, as well as our 8Dweb Ticket System and Customer Portal. 

However, in the event of any further IP connectivity issues lasting longer than 10-15 minutes, the customer portal will be placed into maintenance mode for security reasons. This will auto-direct users to the 8Dweb Status Page. 

8Dweb Management Team

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