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I Do Not Want to Update My WordPress Installation on 8Dweb CMSdefender...

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Many users / developers seem to have a problem with updating WordPress installations on a regular basis. 8Dweb *requires* you to keep your Wordpress installs up-to-date. If you provide 8Dweb CMSdefender team access to help secure your WordPress installation, we make life simple for you.

Some will say, "hey, I shouldn’t or “can't” upgrade.

Ridiculous Reasons People Give (and Know now that 8Dweb does not accept ANY of them)


My Core Modifications will Be Lost.

Ok, if you hack Microsoft Excel and make modifications to the core program, Microsoft won't be around to help either. Stop hacking Core files. If you do choose to do so, and do not plan on keeping Wordpress up-to-date, find a host who does not give a flip about your website security or business because 8Dweb will not be your friend on this one.


My Plugins will Fail.

Honestly? Keep the plugins UP TO DATE. If the author drops dead or off the face of the planet, find another plugin with similar functionality. Your website is ALWAYS a work in progress. If you do not have the time for this, hire a web developer to help out. 8Dweb will auto-update plugins and WordPress Core for all CMSdefender customers, and yes, if it breaks the site, we will notify you that you have a plugin that needs to be changed.


My Site and/or Theme will break.

Ok, most themes are kept updated by authors and/or vendors. This one just does not fly. Will this create some work or will this need some planning? Yes. Again, your website is a work in progress and as with any part of your marketing and sales tools, you need to keep it in working order. Do not set and forget, or you will see a Big "Site Disabled" message that will REALLY frustrate your customers.


My Site does not need the new functionality of the latest version.

Regular updates to Wordpress are not only for the purpose of functionality, but to address security issues as well. Just upgrade to the latest version. Period. This excuse will cost you a hacked site, lost time, revenue and a lot of frustration.


8Dweb CMSdefender can help you keep your Wordpress installations safe, secure, monitored, backed up and updated. This does not relieve the website owner of managing their site and/or paying a web developer, but it does take a lot of the day-to-day work of keeping your wordpress installation updated. In addition, if you are hacked, we restore the site to the last good backup, secure the breach and update broken or hacked plugins for you.

Choose 8Dweb CMSdefender for a fully managed Wordpress installation. Order now and you can be online and ready to setup your WordPress site in just a few moments.

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