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How to Install YUM on CentOS Virtuozzo Containers

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Preferred Method:
run this as root from the Hardware Node terminal:
#vzpkg install VEID -p yum

OTHER METHODS (some source links MAY be outdated, check WIKI for latest)
Original WIKI:

This article is specific to CentOS, however the packages required for yum here are the same on other flavors
The below scripts installs all packages upon which yum depends for a 386 distro (Need separate 64 bit instructions)
Please note - that the version numbers of the packages WILL change as later releases come out, it is up to you to ensure that the packages used are the latest. If you find a package in this script has become deprecated, please update this page with the latest package so others do not have to search for it as well.


 CentOS 4 i386

rpm -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -y update

Note: CentOS 4 i386 updated 10 November 2008

CentOS 4 X86_64

rpm -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -y update

Note: CentOS 4 X86_64 updated 15 December 2008

CentOS 5 i386

rpm -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -y update

Note: Updated 8 July 2008

CentOS 5 x86_64

rpm -Uvh -Uvh	rpm -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh --nodeps -Uvh --nodeps -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -Uvh -y update

Note: Updated 28 Feb 2009 

(vzpkg install VEID -p yum)

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