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01 - What is Web Hosting (What Does Hosting Involve)?

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Hosting involves:

  • Domain Registrar - entity that secures a tld name (i.e. and then provides "glue" to nameservers (dns servers) that make your internet presence live. These dns servers can be 
    • located at the domain registrar or
    • located at a hosting company.
    • 8Dweb utilizes the PDR domain registrar.
    • You are not required to register your domain through 8Dweb (or PDR) nor to transfer control of your domain to us. However, we are simply not responsible in any way for domain registrations that are not renewed and subsequently lost if they have not been moved to our Domain Registrar (PDR)
    • If you plan to use your own domain registrar and be directly responsible for domain registration you must set the name servers for your domain to
      • 8Dweb Enhance CMSdefender Hosting & 8Dweb Enhance SentryServer VM:
      • 8Dweb SentryServer with Plesk Control Panel

               at your domain registrar. Our tech support team can help with any questions you may have regarding that process.

  • Hosting Company - place that provides physical storage of site files, bandwidth to deliver files, handles dns (typically), domain aliasing and email for a particular domain. 8Dweb is your Hosting Company. We manage real servers in a state of the art Data Center (Northern Virginia, New York City, San Francisco) to keep your sites, email and web applications online.
  • Mail - This is typically handled by the Hosting company - but located on a separate physical server from hosting data that makes up the site (or should be). This is the storage of email users and delivery and storage of email data for those users. 8Dweb offers Plesk Premium Email and it is included at no extra charge with all hosting packages. You may also opt to purchase Gmail or Microsoft365 email services through 8Dweb.
  • Web Design - 8Dweb currently recommends our partners at Coughlin Printing for stunning web design. You may contact them at You may also utilize our Softaculous script installer which provides hundreds of one-click scripts including Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and many other site development scripts.

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